Management of the Company
Gábor Orbán
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Roland Czimmer
General Legal Counsel
Ágnes Kun
Head of HR
Richárd Bakos
Director of Financial and Business Support
Zoltán Medvegy
Head of Finance
Tibor Belák
Head of Controlling
Árpád Ferenczi
Head of Risk
András Hazlach
Director of Trading
Balázs Lontay
Head of Proprietary Trading
Csongor Böjte
Head of Asset-based Trading
Ágnes Sütő
Head of Auction Coordination Department
Gábor Patek
Director of Portfolio Optimalization
Zoltán Balogh
Head of Small Power Plant’s Control Center Operational Department
Gábor Bányi
Head of Scheduling Department
Géza Király
Head of Sales Analysis and Quoting Department
Károly Berthold
Head of Commercial Support Department
Dr. Nyitrai Katalin Karádiné
Head of Main Wholesale Agreements Department
Péter Biró
Head of Market Analysis Department
Csaba Tóth
Head of Portfolio Optimization Department
Dr. Imre Pozsgai
Director of General Business
Balázs Paál
Head of Market Access and Trading Development