Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since our Company was founded, it has been a priority objective for us to express our strong commitment to corporate social responsibility issues by providing as much financial support as our Company can afford.


Beyond our economic objectives, we have always striven to express our commitment to solving social issues as well. We pay special attention to helping children, the sick and the disadvantaged, to improve their living conditions, to support paediatrics and, within that, to improve the level of clinical care so that the most modern and effective therapies become available for sick children.


Since 2007, MVM Ltd and MVM Partner Ltd have been organising what is known as Experience Day, to both sick children requiring permanent medical care and healed children. The aim of this event is to provide carefree fun for children and their relatives, at least for a day. For instance, in 2012, handicraft workshops, awareness-raising games, a concert by the Alma Ensemble and Ági Szalóki, the jokes of Clown Doctors and children’s dance troupes entertained more than one thousand visitors. In the Fairy-Tale Wood, children could learn about the most important energy sources, the importance of conscious energy use and the basics of traffic safety.


By now it has become a tradition that volunteers from the company group also participate in entertaining the children during the Experience Day organised by MVM Partner Ltd. More than 100 associates from the MVM Group, among them members of the senior management staff as well, helped the children to change clothes and try out toys and escorted groups of children. What is more, they even read stories to the youngest kids in the rest area.


It has also become a tradition that MVM Group spent the funds allocated to corporate Christmas gifts for charitable purposes: on Experience Day, MVM Ltd and MVM Partner Ltd donated a total of HUF 50 million to 12 health care institutions, child care organisations and foundations. This amount is going to be spent on replacing healthcare equipment, renovate intensive care units, developing laboratory departments, covering the operating costs of foundations and supporting their basic activities:


  • Semmelweis University 1st Department of Paediatrics HUF 10,000,000
  • Semmelweis University 2nd Department of Paediatrics HUF 10,000,000
  • Bethesda Children' s Hospital HUF 10,000,000
  • Heim Pál Children' s Hospital HUF 10,000,000
  • Hungarian Foundation of SOS Children’s Villages HUF 5,000,000
  • Csodalámpa Foundation HUF 1,000,000
  • Daniló Sports Association HUF 1,000,000
  • Korona Póni Club HUF 1,000,000
  • Óbuda Family Advisory and Child Protection Centre HUF 500,000
  • KézenFogva Foundation HUF 500,000
  • Emberi Hang Foundation HUF 500,000
  • Gyermek Habilitációs Foundation HUF 500,000


We have always tried to give our support to those institutions that make the most of the support, where the most modern equipment is used for efficient healing and where the institution does not have its own resources for all developments required. We are proud that our business success allows us to express our great commitment to help those who need it most.


MVM Partner Ltd is committed to support the young generations and it therefore supports the Think Healthy Programme (in Hungarian: Gondolkodj Egészségesen! Program). Both of these two organisations are striving to ensure that children are raised in a more health-conscious way.


Our Company also regularly provides support to the Szív Hangja Foundation and in this way we help hospitals to acquire life-saving equipment. For instance, in 2012 we provided financial support to the Centre for Pediatric Cardiology of Gottsegen György Hungarian Institute Of Cardiology to purchase a drug pump and to the Cardiology Department of Salgótarján Szent Lázár County Hospital to purchase a defibrillator. In addition to this, we provided financial help to the family of a seven year old girl diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy: We provided the medical equipment and special food products required for home care and mechanical ventilation of this child.


Through the S.O.S. Szolgálat Foundation we partly covered the travel and accommodation costs for a girl from Cegléd during her lung transplantation in a Vienna Clinic, and also the sterile room established for her in Hungary.


We also contributed to the activity of the Életmentő Központi Inkubátor Foundation, so that theme Foundation could provide equipment to the Neonatal Department of Paediatrics Clinic no. 1 and provide financial support to the families of premature and sick children.


With the help of the Őrangyal European Foundation, we assisted the purchase of a knee replacement system by the Children’s Traumatology Department of the Accident Centre (Baleseti Központ).


We provided support to the child welfare programme of the Minden Gyerek Lakjon jól Foundation. Through this the Foundation provided seeds and smaller livestock to disadvantaged families living with children in some 47 subregions of the country. Thanks to this support, families can ensure the necessary vitamin and protein input. There are nearly three hundred settlements which this programme has not yet reached and do we will join forces again and continue the program together in 2013 as well.


This was the fifth year that Joyride was organised for seriously ill children. This event aimed to entertain the children and also to bring the attention of the general public to the immense sacrifice and perseverance of the families caring for seriously ill children, and also to the tragic life situations an illness can cause. With the contribution of TÖMASU Közhasznú Kft, we covered the catering costs of the children during this event.


With the help from our Company, the Lelenc Kutyamentő Association organised events at the Lelenc Tanya for young people with learning difficulties and behavioural problems, and tried to motivate and socialise them through interacting with the animals living at the shelter.


In 2012 we also provided support to the activities of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta to help disadvantaged children.


With the help from the Reménytadó Foundation we purchased a phototherapy bed to cure neonatal jaundice for the NIC Centre of Jahn Ferenc Hospital, which provides care for newborns and premature babies.


Hand in hand with Országos Egyesület a Mosolyért Association, we helped the Neonatal Ambulance Association to ensure that resuscitation equipment is available in more and more neonatal ambulances.


We also supported the Belklinikáért Foundation and the Kedves Nővér Foundation to ensure that the devices and accessories used in the Endoscopic Laboratory of Internal Medicine Clinic no. 1 and the worn-out beds and health care equipment used in the other departments of the Clinic are replaced.


SportVital Kft published a lexicon titled “How to choose a sport?” with the contribution of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Olympians, World and European champions, the National Sports Association and other Hungarian sports associations. With the help of this book, children and students can choose the right sport for them based on their abilities and personality. Our Company purchased several copies of this lexicon and sent them to schools to ensure widespread access to the book.


The Bárczi Diáksport Association was able to send three competitors in two sports to the 10th Special Olympics World Winter Games held in South Korea in January 2013. We contributed to the costs of participation at this Special Olympics.


We also provided support to the stem cell treatment abroad of a young lady through the Dévaványa Felemelkedéséért Public Foundation.