About Us

MVM Partner Energy Trading Ltd (MVM Partner Ltd)
is the only electricity wholesale company of the most important Hungarian-owned electricity group, the MVM Group, and the sole electricity supplier of MVM Next Energy Trading Ltd. MVM Partner Ltd. is a major player in the Hungarian energy market due to its dynamic development.

Since its establishment on 5 September 2002, MVM Partner Ltd has been actively trading on both domestic and foreign electricity markets. MVM Partner Ltd, as the largest electricity wholesaler in the Hungarian market, with the largest contracted generation portfolio in Hungary, contributes to the security of supply of the Hungarian electricity system in a number of ways. The company supplies the majority of residential customers entitled to universal service through the universal service providers. By providing ancillary services, the company makes a significant contribution to the stable operation of the Hungarian electricity system and the uninterrupted supply of electricity. It also has the largest balance group in the Hungarian electricity market, comprising large power plants, small power plants, renewable generators, consumers and traders.

Competences of the company:
Managing risk exposure from the power plant and the retail portfolios.
Meeting the emerging needs of wholesale partners on both organised energy markets and OTC markets.
Optimising the MVM Group’s and contracted assets on the commodity market.
Engaging in own-account trading activities on the European electricity markets, as well as trading with emission allowances and financial carbon.
The main framework for the company's commodity trading is provided by its advanced risk management tools.

MVM Partner Ltd is active in wholesale trading throughout Europe, with a presence on several European exchanges and OTC markets through its Central Trading Floor in Budapest, which ensures the ability to react rapidly to price changes at international level. Including its three wholesale subsidiaries, MVM Partner Ltd trades on the electricity markets of 20 European countries, operates independent balance groups in 14 countries, and is present on 11 electricity exchanges. Its trading activities serve as a link between generation, retail and wholesale markets.

Utilizing the success and experience gained in the ancillary services market, MVM Partner Ltd established its own Small Power Plant Control Centre, which started commercial operation on 01/01/2015 after obtaining the necessary accreditation from MAVIR. The total number of – mostly gas-fired – power plant units currently connected to the control centre is more than 30, and the total installed capacity of the generation units is 136 MW. The control centre is constantly seeking to take advantage of the opportunities in the fast-changing market regarding demand side management and energy storage.

MVM Partner Ltd regularly holds electricity sales auctions, through which it also complies with the significant market power (SMP) related requirements by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority. The auctions are conducted through the auction platform of the company's subsidiary, Powerforum Ltd.

MVM Partner Ltd, beyond its economic objectives, has been striving to help vulnerable, needy social groups ever since it entered the market. The Company pays special attention to help children, the sick and the disadvantaged, to improve their living conditions, to support paediatric care, culture and sports, and to promote a healthy lifestyle to children and young people.


The strategic goal of MVM Ltd, the national electricity wholesaler, was to play an active role in the competitive market that opened on 1 January 2003, to maintain its strong position in the domestic market and to strengthen its participation in regional electricity trading.

For that purpose, the Retail Sales Department was established within the Trade Directorate of MVM Ltd during the first half of 2001, and then, on 5 September 2002, MVM Partner Energy Trading Ltd was founded with a share capital of HUF 50 million, starting its actual operation on 1 January 2003 on the partially opened Hungarian electricity market.

The company, which was established by the merger of the two trading subsidiaries of the MVM Group, MVM Partner Ltd and MVM Trade Ltd, on 1 July 2012, continued its activities under the name MVM Partner Ltd. At the end of 2019, the national energy holding company decided to reorganise its electricity and natural gas retail activities in order to provide unified customer service. As part of this, MVM Partner Ltd transferred its competitive retail business to NKM Energy Ltd from April 2020, while at the same time, in line with the MVM Group's long-term strategy, MVM Partner Ltd became the sole wholesale electricity provider of the Group.