Balance Group Management

The balance group represents one of the major technical foundations of the electricity trading activity within the Hungarian electricity system. The definition of the balance group is provided under paragraph 46 of Article 3 of Act LXXXVI of 2007:


“Balance group, made of one or more members, means a system of settlement organised to determine (according to the principle of adequate effect) and settle accounts concerning the use of balancing energy and to carry out the related functions, and to govern the related liabilities.”


In line with this, balance groups are created to able to predict the aggregated energy consumption of the members during a given period of time, and to optimise energy usage and settle accounts regarding any under- and over-consumption by the members.


The balance group system, the activity of the balance group managers and their responsibilities are defined under the currently effective Commercial Code approved by the Hungarian Energy Office, in line with the Act mentioned above.


MVM Partner Ltd operates the largest balance group in the Hungarian Electricity System. The members of the balance group of MVM Partner Ltd are typically MVM’s contractual partners as well. Beyond these partners, there are a few other market participants that conclude only a single contract for connection. We offer substantial benefits to the entities joining our balance group. In addition to the operational safety characteristic of our balance group, guaranteed by our many years of experience, our large number of clients and the large energy turnover ensure a significant favourable balancing effect as well. We can satisfy any minor balancing energy needs at negligible costs.


The daily operational balance group manager tasks of the balance group operated by MVM Partner Ltd are managed by the Scheduling and Balance Group Managing Department. The Department is also responsible for managing all other balance groups belonging to MVM Partner operating in electricity control areas outside Hungary.


Should you have any further questions regarding the balance groups operated by MVM Partner Ltd, please contact us via the following contact channels:


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